Committee Meeting 24th Jan 2011



DATE: 24th January 2011

VENUE: Fire Station, Brewers Hill Road, Dunstable

PRESENT: Julian Clark-Lowes, Ruth Harris-Small, Sue Jenkins, Peter Jackson, Eila Goss, Colin

Meacham, Mike Elliott, Jackie Taylor, Steve Goss

The meeting started at: 8.10pm

(1)        APOLOGIES

Paul Ridgeway, Ann Cahill

(2)        MINUTES

Minutes of previous meeting on 13th December 2010 were approved


Peter raised the question of recording the numbers attending walks/socials as it’s a bit random. Julian said he would ask the leaders to put the numbers attending on the website.


Julian thought that the presentation of the new programme looked good and worked well. Thanks to Jackie for producing a monthly programme placed in libraries in Dunstable & HR. She thinks we need to create an image of the organisation i.e. activities and social as well as walking.


Colin presented the cashflow and will send the accounts to Julian.


Sue stated that on Sep 10, 14 people were on a rollover; next time she’ll put down how many individual and joint/family members. 82 paid members at present. In reality we have a few active but unpaid.

Jackie raised the question of whether couples should be given a discount but the point was made that there are economies of scale with joint members.    A lively discussion followed, but it was decided to leave the current arrangements unchanged


Paul had sent the committee a message about Ashridge and funding for gates in the Cotswolds with his £1,200 raised available for this. We agreed that it’s up to him to decide.

There had been a phone call from the Willow Foundation who had asked us to organise a walk for them to raise awareness of the countryside for 16-40 year olds, Paul and Sue have volunteered to lead a walk for them.


It was agreed not to have this as an item on the agenda in future but for it to be put up on the website.

Dave Tomkins is unable to lead walks for the time being. Don said he’d cover them if able to. There’s the question of the one on 20.3 which needs to end up at Stockgrove Country Park so that people can go on the afternoon walk from there. To ask Paul or John Gabbitass.

Sue said the day on Studham Common was a great success, about 16 boggies attended.

Petra is to be shelved until 2012.

Also Amsterdam has put off.

Eila to organise a trip to the Gower peninsular. On the 2nd May bank holiday weekend.

Sue was up for leading a walk in May.


Eila had a call from Ann saying she was too busy now for this role but Jo was happy to help Eila on an occasional basis.

It was suggested that we ask Christine Brock

if she still occasionally wanted to lead a walks in her area.

Peter is to organise a visit to Leighton Buzzard Theatre to see the Black Swan film with Sue and Jackie late March/early April.

He also mentioned the Orbit quiz night on 5 March, Sue is getting a team together.

The dinner at Barnfield College on 10 March is to be been rescheduled (2 March- please confirm?).

It was suggested we have an indoor picnic in April, could be 15th at Chews House.

e mentioen the Orbit quiz on 5th arch, Soe is getting togher a team




Julian suggested Totternhoe quarry as our Charity of the Year, Sue proposed it and Peter seconded it.  The committee agreed.

Peter suggested we could also consider Groundworks Beds but the question of maintenance for projects was raised. Ruth suggested we could offer volunteers.

Sue mentioned the YHA conference for affiliated groups but nobody had heard anything about it.

She also said that the question of the 3 year rule had been left over from the AGM and it should be brought up as an item on the next agenda.

While on the subject of the constitution Julian suggested considering changing the rules to allow committee meetings to be at 8 week intervals (currently the constitution states they must be at 6 week intervals) .

The meeting closed at 9.30.

Next Committee Meeting: Monday 14th March 2011 at Fire Station Brewers Hill 8pm

Items for the Agenda to be submitted to Secretary 07732 418260

Peter Jackson, Secretary                                                                   Date: 24.1.11

Dunstable & District Walking                                                              Ref:   DDWHMins24.1.11

& Hostelling Group

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