Committee Meeting 14th March 2011



DATE: 14th March 2011

VENUE: Fire Station, Brewers Hill Road, Dunstable

PRESENT: Julian Clark-Lowes, Sue Jenkins, Jackie Taylor, Mike Elliott, Paul Ridgeway, Ruth

Harris-Small, Steve Goss, Joanne Robertson, Peter Jackson, Eila Goss

The meeting started at: 8.10 pm

(1)        APOLOGIES

Colin Meacham

(2)        MINUTES

Minutes of previous meeting on 24th January 2011 were approved


On the question of recording the numbers attending walks/socials etc Julian said we now have a system on the website whereby you can state the numbers and make comments – enter via dashboard, go to past programme (nb Peter tried this & fell at the 1st hurdle!)


Julian has been working on getting the new programme organised. He had come up with wording for the constitutional changes about the 3 year rule, which he will e-mail to us and we would vote

on at the next meeting and for it to go to the AGM. He also wanted to tidy up the wording that committee meetings should be every 2 months combined with planning meeting.


Colin had sent in the balance sheet and his report. Our insurance was due end of February. There was a letter from the insurers (10.3) saying that it has been extended until 21.3 and they let us know this years’ rates by then. We discussed the nature of insurance cover and our health & safety responsibilities as walk leaders.  It was agreed that leaders should carry a 1st aid kit (Boggies to provide), a Mobile phone and some water (& a hip flask ?).


Sue stated that we had 86 paid members, 46 individual and 20 couples (40 members).  If someone is a new walker get their name and e-mail addr and forward to Sue.


Sue had an e-mail from Shelah Sargee saying Peter is not well but when recovered he will

come to some socials. She told us about the Flitvale Wildlife Trust meeting on Mon 21st

March (7.45 £2) at Madden Church Hall about  the Totternhoe Quarry Wildlife Trust.


It had been decided that there would be a social event of some sort once a week.

e mentioen the Orbit quiz on 5th arch, Soe is getting togher a team




Items for the Programme:

We missed out the sponsored walk from the coming programme. Paul will do one on 12th June and will organise it as a full day’s walk in/around hills south/east of Wendover with the funds to go to the Totternhoe Quarry Wildlife Trust.

Sue said that for the social on 4th Apr they would provide simple food with £2 charge to cover costs.

Jo talked about the Murder Mystery event on 9th April.

She is arranging a visit to Crossness Pumping Station on 1st May when they’re having an open day. £5 admission.

She is organizing the London Open House event on 16-17 September and will provisionally  book 12 for Sat night at a hostel in NW London.

Ruth is to co-ordinate a picnic on 19th June (Fathers day) at Tottenrhoe Knolls.

Eila has booked Port Eynon (12 beds) in the Gower for Aug Bank Holiday.

Jo suggested Boggies issue guidelines for new leaders/organisers for walks, social etc.

The meeting closed at 9.30.

Next Committee Meeting: Monday 9th May 2011 at Fire Station Brewers Hill 8pm

Items for the Agenda to be submitted to Secretary 07732 418260

Peter Jackson, Secretary                                                                   Date: 14.3.11

Dunstable & District Walking                                                              Ref:   DDWHMins14.3.11

Hostelling Group

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