Ramblings July to Sept 2011


Welcome to the July, August and September programme of walks, trips and social events.

You will see that there are a number of new walk leaders and organisers in our new programme and I hope that you will all give them your support and encouragement in their endeavours.  Now that the group has expanded we generally run one short walk and one day walk every weekend, as well as the weekday walks, even when we are simultaneously running a trip away. To keep up this level of activity does  require a pool of volunteer walk leaders so that the show can stay on the road!  Even so there are a few slots in the new programme that remain unfilled but these were dates when it seemed as if absolutely everyone was away or doing something else.

Another way that we rely on the voluntary support of our members is with transport to and from walks.

 Some of our members bring their cars down to the meeting place just to ensure that we have enough spare capacity and no one ever gets left behind because of transport difficulties.  Sometimes their cars are not needed.  Running a car is becoming an increasingly expensive business.  Some members choose to decline the offer of a contribution towards petrol money.  That’s their choice.  However it is vital that we have transport available.  If you would like a contribution towards costs don’t be embarrassed to ask for one.


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