Ramblings Oct to Dec 2011


Welcome to the October, November and December programme of Walks, Trips and Social Events.

Sadly in this programme I must report the death of one of our long standing members, Dave Tomkins. He died at home on the Tueday 23rd of August. Dave is particularly well known to many of our new members as he instigated a series of short 5 mile walks that proved particularly popular and is responsibly for drawing many new members into the Boggies. In his gentle way he touched many lives and will be sadly missed.

As many of you will know Mike Elliott and Paul Ridgeway are taking over the job of walk co ordinators with effect from the new year .

They would welcome anyone who would be willing to lead the occasional walk ,there are 100 weekend slots to fill in 2012 so please don’t hesitate to contact either Mike or Paul (07594 577129 – elliottm89@aol.com)

This programme has a couple of provisional entries, rather than delay sending the programme out we have put a brief summary, including start date, contact number and meeting time. We will fill the details in on the web site when they are available. For those without web access please phone the walk leader for details nearer the time.

Our annual AGM occurs early in this new programme on Thursday Oct 13th in the rear room at the Victoria please come along to support your club.  We promise to try to make it as fun as possible! The committee will be available for an informal chat and drinks after the event.  Any feedback on our existing activities and ideas for the future would be most welcome.  We will also be reporting on progress made on previous years charity raising events, please come along with ideas for what we might try to do this year.


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