Ramblings April-June 2013

Hello Bogtrotters,

Welcome to the bogtrotters spring season programme.

I know that some of you are concerned that I have not done anything seriously “geeky” in the last year or so.  To allay your concerns I have decided to implement a twitter feed onto our website.  You can see my efforts so far in the underused left hand column of the website front page.  The idea is to be able to quickly and easily place small but relevant items of information, with pictures if included, onto the website without having the overhead of having to sit up late at night compiling and writing up large volumes of information.  When Sylv and Sandra go to Norway this summer it would be fun for us to be able to follow their progress from day to day by simply checking the website or our twitter feed.  It has proved slightly more complex than I expected.  Ideally I would like to be able to take a photo on my phone while on a walk, post it to twitter with a short message and for that photo and message to appear on the website before I have arrived home.  In practice to make this work I need to upload and install a few new plugins to the website.  I am investigating these now.

Think how much fun this is going to be!  As you trudge sullenly through the drizzle you will be able to whip out your phone and engage in a cloud based, interactive social networking experience!

Well OK it’s probably not going to be that exciting for everybody. A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step; this is something that could become quite useful in the future just as the website has proved to be.

What could be more exciting is seeing the expressions on some of the walk leaders faces when I tell them the new rules. From now on a mid morning, smart phone update direct to the website including group photo is compulsory on all walks.  (Yes I am only joking, but it is an idea;-)

One of the reasons that the left column of the front page is largely empty is that we made the decision to remove the Google ads that we previously had in place.  The problem is that the ads are rotated randomly and it is impossible to monitor exactly what appears.  Some of the ads where becoming slightly too explicit and so those of you who did join the Boggies because you were lonely hearts in search of “Hot Thai Tottie” will unfortunately have to search elsewhere in the future. My apologies to those who were slightly offended in the meantime.

Our trips away are being very successful.  Sue has 21 people going to Weymouth and Portland.  Don’s Easter trip and Sylv and Sandra’s August trip are both full. Robins trip to Norway is also now closed.  John still has places available on his trip to Liverpool.  His previous trip to Manchester was a great success.  I am organising a trip to the Pyrenees in October and have chosen a venue where there is a lot of flexibility in the type and amount of accommodation we can use.  However the best value on this trip will be obtained by committing early and booking travel arrangements soon.  Next year we might need to think about trying to find a few more people who are prepared to organise some simple weekends away.


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