Ramblings July-Sept 2013

Hello welcome to the Bogtrotters bumper summer programme.

Summer is here, I’m not quite sure what happened to spring! And now I have to write another set of ramblings.  This time round I’m not quite sure what to say.  All is basically well.  We have an interesting set of trips coming up and some very successful ones just completed.  Robin is off to the Lofotens in August and my trip to the Pyrenees has 17 going on it so far.  Don has organised a couple of more local trips to The forest of Dean and Streatley, Syv and Sandras trip to Yorkshire is fully booked.

We dodged a couple of bullets earlier in the year.  A very large section of the coast path at Durdle Dor collapsed into the sea a day and a half after we walked  it, and the amphibious DUKW we had been photographing in Liverpool sank into the docks, with 35 people having to escape, the following week! Apart from that there was not much to laff at at all!

This year “the curse of the Bogtrotters” has been noticeably absent.  Usually when we visit a YHA hostel we find that within weeks that it gets scheduled for closure.  I’m pleased to say that all the hostels we visited this year are still open!

Membership numbers are creeping slowly up towards a hundred and we have a very active local walking programme with one day and one half day walk every weekend.

Our new short and slow walks are off to a steady start, attracting new walkers as well as existing members who are short of time or recuperating.

In October we will be having our AGM on the 8th in the backroom at the Victoria Pub, drinks at 7.30 ready for an 8.00pm start.  This AGM will be an important one in that the new committee will have to find a way to keep the group going at this level.  Mike Elliot assisted by Paul Ridgeway have been instrumental in coordinating the programme and personally covering the gaps in the programme where no other walk leader has volunteered.  Mike now feels that it is time to hand over the baton to a new programme coordinator.  I have been chair now for 5 years and as I indicated at the AGM last year this year will be my last.

People sometimes say to me that they don’t want to volunteer to be on the committee because they think we are doing a good job and are happy to leave us to get on with it.  However the job of programme coordinator particularly has become quite a large one and you may struggle to find anyone willing to take it on.  The solution it seems to me would be for the job to be split into smaller tasks and for enough of you to

  1. Turn up to the AGM and ensure that the meeting has a quorum.
  2. Be prepared to help out in a small way even if this does not necessarily mean being on the committee.

Have a good summer,


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