Ramblings Oct-Dec 2013

Hello Bogtrotters,

These are my last ramblings from Boggiedom.  It sounds as if it might make a good comic song.  Perhaps I’ll work on it…..

Yes my 5 years as chair of the boggies is now up and I do quite look forward to being an ordinary member again.  I am already relishing the line “…well I think that is best left to the new chair and committee, don’t you agree?” whilst thinking quietly “not my problem!!”.

It has been a good 5 years with too many memorable events to single out a mere few for special mention.  We now have increased membership numbers and better still we have regular arrivals of new members who contribute a steady stream of ideas and enthusiasm.  The group has a momentum which will hopefully carry it to the 50th anniversary celebrations in 2 years time and then on well beyond.

Sorry to remind you yet again but the next AGM is at 7.30 for 8.00 start in the back rooms at the Victoria Public House, West Street, Dunstable on Tuesday 8th October 2013.  There will be more changes this year than normal with a number of committee members moving on and so it is important that you remember to turn up and contribute your ideas for the future.

As the size of the group and the number of activities it organises increases, the work involved for some committee members has increased inline.  Maybe to make the workload more manageable we will need to split some roles into separate sections, for instance separate organisers for trips, day walks, and also half day walks.

If changes are to be made it may be necessary to ask you to be patient, good humoured and flexible while new systems are bedded in.

During this next programme we are organising 3 trips away and during the second and third of these there are gaps in the local Dunstable walking programme as most of the regular walk leaders are on the trip or unavailable.  These gaps are on the 9th (short walk) and 10th (day walk) of November, and then on the 29th December (short walk).  This is an opportunity for any of you shrinking violets who have always wanted to lead a walk to come forward and have a go.  If any of you decide to volunteer then we can put it onto the website and put up a stop press.  If any of the rest of you want to go out on those dates then check the website or, if you do not have internet access, call a fellow boggie who you know has, for any updates.

Looking forward to the next 48 years…..


PS Do you think we should be thinking about the 60th (2025)? Only joking;-)

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