Committee Meeting Minutes 30/10/2018

Dunstable Bogtrotters Committee Meeting 30th October 2018 held at the Bird in Hand

Present – Gill Morris, Alan Plumley, Julian Clark-Lowes, Sheila Blake and Carolyn Cooper

Apologies received from Cliff Shaw

Gill opened the meeting by welcoming everyone as the committee elected at the AGM held 23rd October 2018

Alan read out the Outdoor organiser report and a general discussion followed about forthcoming trips –

On the trip to Bath between Christmas and New Year there are 11 people booked

The hostel is booked for the trip to Dorset in April 2019, some people have chosen to book a stay in a hotel

Julian stated that he will help Alan with trips and he has obtained information concerning Symonds Yat on the Welsh border and Castleacre in Norfolk. He has also provisionally booked Court Hill  for the same weekend in 2019 as the one just attended. John Buckley has provisionally booked Claxby hostel for May 2019. Eila and Julian have liaised about a trip to Krakow and are currently looking into the cost it. There have been other suggestions from members that are also under consideration.

The signatories to sign cheques need updating as the following people were voted in at the AGM

Chairperson –    Gill Morris, Treasurer –  Julian Clark-Lowes, Secretary –  Carolyn Cooper

It was agreed that Julian Clark-Lowes, Leslie Price and Carolyn Cooper be added and Eila Goss and Lesley Grierson-Hill be removed. Regarding access to the bank account Julian will clarify who can access and how.

Changing the constitution was discussed but any changes would need to be endorsed at the next AGM, Alan proposed and Gill seconded that 2a be changed to “organise a regular programme of outdoor activities, hostelling and social events”.

At the end of the financial year the committee will evaluate the state of the club funds and recommend appropriate action at the AGM.

A need to promote the club was discussed and Gill will make enquiries regarding having a stall at the Kite Festival. Alan will also look at advertising, it was agreed that we need to do a coordinated campaign.

A mission statement is needed and committee members will research and bring suggestions to the next meeting.

Awards evening – a date and venue will be decided when opinions have been gauged from members.

The meeting closed at 9.35pm.

Next meeting is 16th January 2019, venue unknown

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