Minutes 17th April 2019

Minutes of Dunstable Bogtrotters committee meeting held 17th April 2019 at The Globe

Present – Gill Morris, Alan Plumley, Julian Clark-Lowes, Sheila Blake and Carolyn Cooper

No apologies received

The minutes of the last meeting were approved by Gill and seconded by Alan.

Matters arising – Gill had contacted the National Trust regarding events, where it may have been
possible to promote the walking group, however they are still organising events for 2019.

Chair’s report – Gill was able to report that the Awards Evening had been a success, everything went
smoothly and members enjoyed hearing about the trips that had taken place in 2018. A discussion
about recent trips followed and Gill thanked Alan for the Dorset trip.

Finance report – Julian reported that nothing much had changed albeit he needs to recoup the
money he has paid for the forthcoming Orkney trip. The final deposit has been paid for the Claxby
trip but there is still room for another 3 or 4 people. At present there is approximately £3175.00 in
the bank.

Social secretary’s report – Sheila reported that all costs had been covered at the Awards evening.
There are quite a few social events in the pipeline that will appear on the website programme.

Outdoor organiser’s report – Alan stated that the trip to Dorset had been a success with good walks
each day. A walk/trip analysis from 1.9.18 to 17.4.19 was given to committee members. Alan has
been looking at various hotels and locations for the next Twixmas break and summer 2020 breaks.
There could be an autumn 2019 trip, more details will follow.

Plans for promotion of the group – this will be a higher priority at the next meeting. A discussion
involving updating photos on the website ensued as it was agreed that some now look “dated”.
Any other business – Gill suggested looking into ways of getting more members confident in leading
walks, such as map reading workshops. Would some of the more experienced members be
interested in teaching those sessions?

The next meeting will take place at The Globe on 10 th July at 7.30 p.m.

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