Minutes 10th July 2019

Minutes of Dunstable Bogtrotters committee meeting held 10th July 2019

Present – Gill Morris, Alan Plumley,Julian Clark-Lowes, Sheila Blake, Cliff Shaw and Carolyn Cooper
No apologies received
The minutes of the last meeting were approved by Alan and seconded by Julian.
Matters arising – none
Chairperson’s report – Gill reported that Don is now safely back in Dunstable after spending a week in Taunton hospital. Dennis and John brought him back as Don is unable to drive for at least a month. The home page of the website has been updated with more up to date photos and wording that are more relevant for people seeking to join a walking group. Further update of the website is ongoing, Julian and Gill are working on it. Twelve people expressed an interest in the map reading course following the information that Gill emailed. Some of those members have consequently booked themselves on the course for September 8th. The committee agreed that we should reimburse any member who attends the map reading course (£10.00 per person).
Finance / membership report – Julian stated that at present there are 92 members. Balance in the bank is £2,329.61, when the Orkney trip money is recouped it will be £3,363.12.
Social secretary’s report – the Kew Gardens trip was a success, everyone enjoyed the day. A discussion about the Christmas meal followed and a unanimous decision to book the Market Cross was agreed for December 6th. Cliff’s mince pie ramble will be 14th December. Two forthcoming films at The Grove were mentioned and these will appear on the website.
Outdoor report – Alan stated that it had been a good trip to Cornwall albeit a tough walk at Lands End! Walks are still well attended as the walk/trip analysis from 1/9/2018 to 10/7/2019 showed. The Twixmas trip will be announced shortly with Alan in favour of Bournemouth and people arranging their own accommodation from 27th December to 31st December.
Plans for the BBQ – 25 people will attend. Food was discussed and decided.
First aid training proposal – Gill proposed a first aid training course for 12 walk leaders/members. The course costs £550.00 for the 8 hour/one day and is specifically for outside professionals. Alan expressed that the course be able to cover all possible scenarios i.e. accidents/emergencies that can happen with a walking group. Gill will discuss our group needs with the training provider. All members of the committee agreed that we could afford to fund the course.
Group promotion/website – already discussed as above.
AGM meeting – it was agreed to ask the Victoria pub on West Street if the room was available for Wednesday 16th October 2019.
Any other business – ideas will be brought to the next meeting regarding forthcoming spending e.g. the outdoor first aid training.
The next meeting will take place 2nd October 2019 at The Globe

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