PRESENT – Gill Morris, Alan Plumley, Julian Clark-Lowes, Sheila Blake, Carolyn Cooper and Cliff Shaw


MINUTES OF MEETING 10TH JULY – approved by Julian and seconded by Gill

MATTERS ARISING – Dates for AGM and Christmas meal were discussed

CHAIR’S REPORT – First aid training will be going ahead with 12 members, these being a combination of walk leaders and regular walkers taking place  19th October. The course has been paid for with the training company. There has been positive feedback about the map reading course from the club members who attended. Gill will keep In touch with Nick Markham about future map reading and training events that he runs. Next map reading course will be in the spring, the date will be publicised when it becomes available. The aim is to increase members available to lead walks and develop the confidence of existing walk leaders in planning their own walks. Walks have been well attended and there have been a number of new participants attending.

As the AGM approaches I have considered what I think the priorities are for the club in the forthcoming year  …… 1) A full walk programme that is informative, varied and relevant for new members 2) Internal training for current members e.g. walk leading skills, first aid skills and health/safety awareness 3) Promotion of the club i.e. more development of the website, a promotion stall and welcoming new members.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Julian will be handing the club’s accounts over to Olwen tomorrow for checking. Julian presented the meeting with a summary of accounts for 2018/2019. The breakdown showed the credit and debit account for the period 1/9/2018 to 31/8/2019. Some money for trips       and membership was paid and received in the previous financial year, the following summary adjusts for this and provides an overview of our financial position.

Routine running costs of the club amounted to £555.78p. Non recurring costs amounted to £87.84. All social events broke even except for an overspend of £5.94 for the BBQ. All trips broke even except for the Swanage trip. Alan cancelled a bed in the male dormitory but the YHA claimed that they had no record of the cancellation and therefore have refused a refund of £82.00.

Income for the year from members’ subscriptions was £910, this being for 94 members (3 of whom are honorary members).

It was decided at the AGM 2018 that some money would be used for purposes that would benefit the membership as a whole so consequently – a first aid training course has been booked and paid for at a cost of £550. The club sponsored members attending a map reading course and offered to reimburse the £10 fee to the members. Julian is arranging for those attendees to receive £10.00 cost back.

The group’s balance is therefore  £283.62 less than at this time last year. However, given that the bank balance has been growing steadily over the last few years the group retains a healthy contingency and the balance remains comfortable.

During the financial year the bank balance varied from a minimum of £2059.61 to a maximum of £3696.04. Had the first aid course coincided with booking the Orkney accommodation the minimum would have been lower.

The previous year 2017/2018 the group ended the year with 100 members.

OUTDOOR ORGANISER’S REPORT – Alan reported that Sue and Julian had helped regarding putting  the walk programme together. People are volunteering to lead walks which makes it easier to fill the programme.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT – So far 50 people have paid and there are 10 payments waiting to be entered making a total of 60 members paid. Julian will send an email reminding people that subs are due.

SOCIAL ORGANISER’S REPORT – Sheila reported that the Christmas “party” has been booked at the Market Cross for 13th December. Ten pin bowling is being considered for November as is The Sky Garden for sometime in the New Year. A post Christmas walk and lunchtime meal was discussed and Alan will look at some possible venues.

PREP FOR AGM – David Dumpleton’s feedback, received by email, was discussed and Julian will contact David about certain points to give him an answer to his queries. Proposals from Eila and David were discussed. On the subject of the group’s insurance cover the committee decided that had anyone asked to see it it would have been available and a decision to put it on the website was agreed. Agenda for AGM was discussed including an item raised by Gill which will be presented at the AGM.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Alan collected £125 for the BBQ and gave a summary of the event.



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