AGM Minutes

Dunstable and District Walking and Hostelling Group AGM Wednesday 9th October 2019 held at the Victoria pub (rear room) West Street, Dunstable


Iain Cunningham, Sheila Blake, Julian Clark-Lowes, Colin Meacham, Geoff Hilliard, Sue Jenkins, Wendy Hopkins, Richard Hopkins, Cliff Shaw, Debbie Dean, C.P. Morley, P.D. Astier, Pat Dumpleton, David Dumpleton, Steve Goss, Eila Goss, Olwen Davies, Don Snoad, Ilaria Inglima, Richard Anslow, John Buckley, Gill Morris, Alan Plumley, Carolyn Cooper and Hazell Rolf

1 Apologies received from Mike Elliott, Kay Apsey, Brian Apsey, Chris Mountain and David Hammond

2 Minutes of last meeting – these were amended to read Social Organiser Sheila Blake, proposed by Carolyn Cooper and seconded by Julian Clark-Lowes and were then approved by Eila Goss and seconded by Julian Clark-Lowes.

3 Matters arising – Julian to cover points in his report as Treasurer and Membership secretary

4 Chairperson’s report – Gill gave her report, please find attached

5 Treasurer’s report – Julian had emailed members with a simple spreadsheet prior to the meeting, he also brought copies and talked through all points of the breakdown. No questions were raised.

6 Outdoor organiser’s report – Alan gave a short summary of the past year and announced that he was stepping down from the position.

7 Membership report – Julian stated that September 2018/ end of August 2019 there were 94 members (3 were honorary) hence the figure of £910.00 collected. So far 60 members have rejoined and Julian has sent out an email reminding everyone that £10 subscription is due.

8 Social organiser’s report – Sheila reported a successful year with a visit to Kew Gardens, 10 pin bowling evening and a meal at the Curry House.  There is a pre-Christmas meal at the Market Cross 13th December with entertainment, orders for meals are being taken at a cost of £12.00 for 2 courses and £14.00 for 3 courses. Sheila has enquired about a visit to the Sky Garden and Chris Morley suggested 120 Fenchurch Street.

9 Outcome of proposals discussed – The proposal to change the title of “outdoor organiser” to “outdoor co-ordinator” was agreed.

The proposal to reaffirm a decision taken at the last AGM to publish the data protection policy was agreed as a priority and will be discussed at the next committee meeting.

The proposal to publish the insurance policy for the group has now taken place and is available on the website.

The proposal to approve a limit for the allocation of club funds eg payment for future trips prior to deposits being received was approved and Olwen proposed a figure of £1500.00 which was also approved.

10 Agenda items –A discussion about walk leaders publishing  more details on the programme regarding the meeting place for the start of the walk took place with no definite outcome.

A request to insert the word “school” or “academy” for the meeting place at Priory was discussed and was deemed to be a good idea.

A discussion about the insurance policy agreed not to affiliate to The Ramblers Association with a view to having access to the same type of insurance as there would be no advantage for the group.

At this point Gill Morris declared a 10 minute break, the meeting resumed at 9.30p.m.

11 Appointment of officers – Gill Morris stood down as Chair

Chair –  David Dumpleton had nominated Olwen Davies, this was proposed by Steve Goss and  seconded by Eila Goss

Secretary – David Dumpleton proposed Carolyn Cooper and Wendy Hopkins seconded

Treasurer – Gill Morris proposed Julian Clark-Lowes and Eila Goss seconded

Membership Secretary – David Dumpleton proposed Julian Clark-Lowes and John Buckley seconded

Outdoor co-ordinator – Sheila Blake proposed Eila Goss and Alan Plumley seconded

Social co-ordinator – Gill Morris proposed Sheila Blake and Alan Plumley seconded

Other committee members – Cliff Shaw to be contacted as he had left the meeting

12 Appointment of Auditor

Gill Morris proposed Colin Meacham and Sheila Blake seconded

13 Any other business– none

14 Date of next committee meeting, after discussion with new committee members it was agreed as Wednesday 13th November

Meeting closed at 9.50p.m.


Dunstable and District Walking and Hostelling Group Annual General Meeting- Tuesday 23 October 2018- Victoria Pub (rear room) West Street Dunstable


Eila Goss, Olwen Davies, Mike Elliott, Chris Morley, Sheila Carse, Dennis Smith, Ian Cunningham, Steve Goss, John Hannington,  Geoff Hilliard, Sue Jenkins, Sylvia Pidgeon, Les Price, Gill Morris, Carolyn Cooper, Ruth Bowles, Wendy Hopkins, Julian Clark-Lowes, Don Snoad, Debbie Dean, Cliff Shaw, Julia Fulwood, Phil Pollock, Sheila Blake, Julie Oxenford, David Dumpleton, Pat Dumpleton, Peter Astier


Eila thanked everyone from coming and outlined the purpose and expected conduct for the meeting. Human

  1. Apologies:

John Buckley. Bessie Rogers, Linda Dowling, Katy Apsey, Brian Apsey, Claire Bruce, Chris Mountain, Roger Pepworth, Colin Meachan, Alan Plumley, Brenda Plumley, Elaine Morgan and Dave Biars

  1. Minutes of last meeting

Minutes amended to include the year of the meeting and then were accepted as accurate record of last year’s AGM.

  1. Matters arising


  1. Chairperson’s report

Eila presented the Chairperson’s report – please find attached.

  1. Treasurer’s report

Colin circulated the treasurers report prior to the meeting but was unable to attend and present at the Annual General Meeting. No questions were raise at this point in the meeting ( as covered in later items in agenda)

  1. Membership report

The membership report was circulated prior to the meeting. Current membership is around by 80.

  1. Outdoor report

Alan  unexpectedly had to leave just prior to the meeting. His report is attached.

  1. Social Report

Gill thanked the members of the small team who have helped her through out the year – Carolyn, Peter and Sheila. Gill reported it had been a difficult year but events had been well attended. Dunstable College had been a positive step with all the facilities to support the event. Having a budget of £300 helped with cash flow in organising events and sought to replenish this as much as possible. All events were self funding except for the awards evening and mince pie ramble. Gill announced that she was standing down as Social Secretary but would  complete the duties related to the organisation of some of the published events such as Christmas meal

  1. Expenditure for hostel trips and social

David raised question prior to the meeting regarding the   subsidising of Activities – in particular the Awards evening (attended by 36 shortfall meant subsidy of £4) and the mince pie ramble (attended by 15 at subsidy of £3). Gill assured the attendees that no ones meal was substadised and the shortfall in income was due to other necessary. Expenditure required for the success of the event. Julian explained that logistically the group need to allow payments for bookings to be made prior to all participants paying. If this is not allowed then the group will not be able to offer trips. There followed a debate regarding covering costs of events. Some members expressed their view that nothing should be substadised.  There are costs that can not be recovered such as postage for those without internet

The need for more walk leaders- covered above. The intention is always to try and cover costs but that is not always possible. A point was made that if we wanted to run events to encourage new members for example such events would not be self funding.

  1. Outcomes of proposals discussed at AGM
  • The proposal to move the group year to January to December was not agreed.
  • Decisions regarding the Awards evening should be made by whoever is elected as Social Organisers
  • Agreed to publish the draft minutes of AGM and Committee Meetings within two weeks of the meeting. Email preferred. For those without email could be sent whenever programme posted to members.
  • Also dates of committee meetings to be posted on website as any member is welcome to come and see what happens at meetings.
  • Data protection policy to be rewritten
  • Proposal that all trips and events be self funding was withdraw
  • Decisions regarding ‘ surplus ’funds be made by the committee as need to consider what funds are needed for cash flow purposes.
  1. Appointment of Officers
Role Name Propose by Seconded by
Chair Gill Morris Carolyn Cooper Julian Clark-Lowes
Secretary Carolyn Cooper Eila Goss Julie Oxenford
Treasurer Julian Clark Lowes Sue Jenkins Les Price
Membership Secretary Julian Clark – Lowes Sue Jenkins Les Price
Outdoor Organiser Alan Plumley David Dumpleton Sylvia Pidgeon
Social Organiser Sheila Blake Eila Goss Carolyn Cooper




  1. Appointment of Committee Members

Cliff Shaw

Julian said he was reviewing the jobs carried out by Colin and would be seek g others to take up various roles

  1. Appointment of Auditor –

Olwen Davies

The meeting ended at 21.20.
















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