PRESENT – Olwen Davies, Sheila Blake, Julian Clark-Lowes, Eila Goss and Carolyn Cooper
APOLOGIES – Cliff Shaw
MINUTES OF MEETING 13 TH NOVEMBER 2019 – Approved by Olwen and seconded by Eila
MATTERS ARISING – Olwen has now completed a data protection policy which will be on the website
in due course
CORRESPONDENCE – Email received by Carolyn from Walking Northern Spain was discussed, no
action was needed. Also email received by Carolyn from Jon Daniels regarding cyclists on Ivinghoe
Beacon was discussed and Carolyn will reply that on our next walk out that way we will observe
what is happening.
CHAIR’S REPORT – Christmas was celebrated well with dinner at the Market Cross plus three other
UPDATE FROM OUTDOOR ORGANISER/CO-ORDINATOR – Eila reported that walk numbers are still
good even though the weather has been inclement. Julian has volunteered to organise some trips,
booking at hostels is more complicated now. Sylvia was looking at Shearings excursions. The next
walking programme is starting to fill.
UPDATE FROM TREASURER/MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY – Reminders have gone out to lapsed
members, there are 77 paid members at present.
UPDATE FROM SOCIAL SECRETARY – Sheila reported on the organisation of the upcoming fish/chip
supper taking place 14 th March. There will be a quiz on that night, the event is open to all members.
Details will appear on the website.
NOMINATIONS – An email will go out to members asking for nominations for an award, the closing
date will be 7 th March.
ANY OTHER BUSINESS – It was agreed that future committee meetings will take place at Chews
The meeting closed at 8.45 pm


PRESENT – Olwen Davies, Sheila Blake, Julian Clark-Lowes, Cliff Shaw, Eila Goss and Carolyn Cooper


MINUTES OF MEETING 2ND OCTOBER 2019 – Approved by Sheila seconded by Julian

MINUTES OF AGM – Checked by committee

MATTERS ARISING – From AGM to check that the postcode goes on the website for meeting at Priory School and state Wilko car park for other meeting place.


OUTDOOR CO-ORDINATOR – Eila has put out the dates for the next programme and asked for more leaders. Sue Jenkins will help with the new programme. Eila is looking into more trips.

TREASURER AND MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY – Julian stated that there are 65 members at present, an email will go out to previous members asking do they want to renew their membership. There is £3155.00 in the bank account. Colin Meacham has kindly agreed to continue doing a walk analysis.

SOCIAL SECRETARY – Sheila has now received deposit for 22 people attending the Christmas meal on 13th December. 11 members attended the Barn Dance. Awards evening was discussed.

DATA PROTECTION – Olwen produced a draft policy and amendments were discussed. It will be given to committee members in due course and will appear on the website.

FUTURE MEETING AGENDA – this was discussed and a decision on the format made.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Dates of trips are 21st and 22nd February Henman bunkhouse. Italy is 7th to 15th April and Poland is 23rd June for one week. Other trips are being investigated and will go out to members in due course. Julian will organise signatures for cheques issued, these need to be revised since appointment of officers at AGM. Carolyn is still looking at venues for future meetings and will report at the next meeting.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 19th February 2020

The meeting closed at 9.25 pm


PRESENT – Gill Morris, Alan Plumley, Julian Clark-Lowes, Sheila Blake, Carolyn Cooper and Cliff Shaw


MINUTES OF MEETING 10TH JULY – approved by Julian and seconded by Gill

MATTERS ARISING – Dates for AGM and Christmas meal were discussed

CHAIR’S REPORT – First aid training will be going ahead with 12 members, these being a combination of walk leaders and regular walkers taking place  19th October. The course has been paid for with the training company. There has been positive feedback about the map reading course from the club members who attended. Gill will keep In touch with Nick Markham about future map reading and training events that he runs. Next map reading course will be in the spring, the date will be publicised when it becomes available. The aim is to increase members available to lead walks and develop the confidence of existing walk leaders in planning their own walks. Walks have been well attended and there have been a number of new participants attending.

As the AGM approaches I have considered what I think the priorities are for the club in the forthcoming year  …… 1) A full walk programme that is informative, varied and relevant for new members 2) Internal training for current members e.g. walk leading skills, first aid skills and health/safety awareness 3) Promotion of the club i.e. more development of the website, a promotion stall and welcoming new members.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Julian will be handing the club’s accounts over to Olwen tomorrow for checking. Julian presented the meeting with a summary of accounts for 2018/2019. The breakdown showed the credit and debit account for the period 1/9/2018 to 31/8/2019. Some money for trips       and membership was paid and received in the previous financial year, the following summary adjusts for this and provides an overview of our financial position.

Routine running costs of the club amounted to £555.78p. Non recurring costs amounted to £87.84. All social events broke even except for an overspend of £5.94 for the BBQ. All trips broke even except for the Swanage trip. Alan cancelled a bed in the male dormitory but the YHA claimed that they had no record of the cancellation and therefore have refused a refund of £82.00.

Income for the year from members’ subscriptions was £910, this being for 94 members (3 of whom are honorary members).

It was decided at the AGM 2018 that some money would be used for purposes that would benefit the membership as a whole so consequently – a first aid training course has been booked and paid for at a cost of £550. The club sponsored members attending a map reading course and offered to reimburse the £10 fee to the members. Julian is arranging for those attendees to receive £10.00 cost back.

The group’s balance is therefore  £283.62 less than at this time last year. However, given that the bank balance has been growing steadily over the last few years the group retains a healthy contingency and the balance remains comfortable.

During the financial year the bank balance varied from a minimum of £2059.61 to a maximum of £3696.04. Had the first aid course coincided with booking the Orkney accommodation the minimum would have been lower.

The previous year 2017/2018 the group ended the year with 100 members.

OUTDOOR ORGANISER’S REPORT – Alan reported that Sue and Julian had helped regarding putting  the walk programme together. People are volunteering to lead walks which makes it easier to fill the programme.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT – So far 50 people have paid and there are 10 payments waiting to be entered making a total of 60 members paid. Julian will send an email reminding people that subs are due.

SOCIAL ORGANISER’S REPORT – Sheila reported that the Christmas “party” has been booked at the Market Cross for 13th December. Ten pin bowling is being considered for November as is The Sky Garden for sometime in the New Year. A post Christmas walk and lunchtime meal was discussed and Alan will look at some possible venues.

PREP FOR AGM – David Dumpleton’s feedback, received by email, was discussed and Julian will contact David about certain points to give him an answer to his queries. Proposals from Eila and David were discussed. On the subject of the group’s insurance cover the committee decided that had anyone asked to see it it would have been available and a decision to put it on the website was agreed. Agenda for AGM was discussed including an item raised by Gill which will be presented at the AGM.

ANY OTHER BUSINESS – Alan collected £125 for the BBQ and gave a summary of the event.



Minutes 10th July 2019

Minutes of Dunstable Bogtrotters committee meeting held 10th July 2019

Present – Gill Morris, Alan Plumley,Julian Clark-Lowes, Sheila Blake, Cliff Shaw and Carolyn Cooper
No apologies received
The minutes of the last meeting were approved by Alan and seconded by Julian.
Matters arising – none
Chairperson’s report – Gill reported that Don is now safely back in Dunstable after spending a week in Taunton hospital. Dennis and John brought him back as Don is unable to drive for at least a month. The home page of the website has been updated with more up to date photos and wording that are more relevant for people seeking to join a walking group. Further update of the website is ongoing, Julian and Gill are working on it. Twelve people expressed an interest in the map reading course following the information that Gill emailed. Some of those members have consequently booked themselves on the course for September 8th. The committee agreed that we should reimburse any member who attends the map reading course (£10.00 per person).
Finance / membership report – Julian stated that at present there are 92 members. Balance in the bank is £2,329.61, when the Orkney trip money is recouped it will be £3,363.12.
Social secretary’s report – the Kew Gardens trip was a success, everyone enjoyed the day. A discussion about the Christmas meal followed and a unanimous decision to book the Market Cross was agreed for December 6th. Cliff’s mince pie ramble will be 14th December. Two forthcoming films at The Grove were mentioned and these will appear on the website.
Outdoor report – Alan stated that it had been a good trip to Cornwall albeit a tough walk at Lands End! Walks are still well attended as the walk/trip analysis from 1/9/2018 to 10/7/2019 showed. The Twixmas trip will be announced shortly with Alan in favour of Bournemouth and people arranging their own accommodation from 27th December to 31st December.
Plans for the BBQ – 25 people will attend. Food was discussed and decided.
First aid training proposal – Gill proposed a first aid training course for 12 walk leaders/members. The course costs £550.00 for the 8 hour/one day and is specifically for outside professionals. Alan expressed that the course be able to cover all possible scenarios i.e. accidents/emergencies that can happen with a walking group. Gill will discuss our group needs with the training provider. All members of the committee agreed that we could afford to fund the course.
Group promotion/website – already discussed as above.
AGM meeting – it was agreed to ask the Victoria pub on West Street if the room was available for Wednesday 16th October 2019.
Any other business – ideas will be brought to the next meeting regarding forthcoming spending e.g. the outdoor first aid training.
The next meeting will take place 2nd October 2019 at The Globe

Minutes 17th April 2019

Minutes of Dunstable Bogtrotters committee meeting held 17th April 2019 at The Globe

Present – Gill Morris, Alan Plumley, Julian Clark-Lowes, Sheila Blake and Carolyn Cooper

No apologies received

The minutes of the last meeting were approved by Gill and seconded by Alan.

Matters arising – Gill had contacted the National Trust regarding events, where it may have been
possible to promote the walking group, however they are still organising events for 2019.

Chair’s report – Gill was able to report that the Awards Evening had been a success, everything went
smoothly and members enjoyed hearing about the trips that had taken place in 2018. A discussion
about recent trips followed and Gill thanked Alan for the Dorset trip.

Finance report – Julian reported that nothing much had changed albeit he needs to recoup the
money he has paid for the forthcoming Orkney trip. The final deposit has been paid for the Claxby
trip but there is still room for another 3 or 4 people. At present there is approximately £3175.00 in
the bank.

Social secretary’s report – Sheila reported that all costs had been covered at the Awards evening.
There are quite a few social events in the pipeline that will appear on the website programme.

Outdoor organiser’s report – Alan stated that the trip to Dorset had been a success with good walks
each day. A walk/trip analysis from 1.9.18 to 17.4.19 was given to committee members. Alan has
been looking at various hotels and locations for the next Twixmas break and summer 2020 breaks.
There could be an autumn 2019 trip, more details will follow.

Plans for promotion of the group – this will be a higher priority at the next meeting. A discussion
involving updating photos on the website ensued as it was agreed that some now look “dated”.
Any other business – Gill suggested looking into ways of getting more members confident in leading
walks, such as map reading workshops. Would some of the more experienced members be
interested in teaching those sessions?

The next meeting will take place at The Globe on 10 th July at 7.30 p.m.

Committee Meeting Minutes 16/01/2019

Dunstable Bogtrotters Committee Meeting 16th January 2019 held at The Globe pub, Dunstable
Present – Gill Morris, Alan Plumley, Julian Clark-Lowes, Sheila Blake, Cliff Shaw, Carolyn Cooper and member Geoffrey Hilliard
Apologies received from Wendy Hopkins
Minutes of the last meeting were proposed as a true record by Julian Clark-Lowes and seconded by Sheila Blake
Matters arising – Gill contacted the National Trust about having a stall at the annual Kite Festival and was told that in 2019 there would be 4 smaller events instead of the Kite Festival. Gill is now investigating other events for a stall. Julian is sorting out the appropriate forms for the Natwest bank in order to change signatories for the club.
Chair’s report – There have been 2 events that have been well attended, Market Cross meal 30 members and approximately 18 at the “mince pie ramble” and buffet at Cliff’s home. There have been enquiries from new people about the group. Information has been obtained about trips abroad.
Treasurer’s report – All the money for Market Cross meal has been collected and the club now has a balance of £3149.04.

Membership report – Currently the membership stands at 88, 10-15 members are non-active or casual, 2 new members have joined. 12 mile walks are attended by an average of 7.7, intermediate walks by an average of 10. Geoff Hilliard raised a point that there are no walks provided for health-walkers to build up their ‘mileage’ from doing health walks to doing 5-6 miles. Gill also pointed out that there was a reduced about of 5-6 mile walks on the current programme. Julian responded that the club has to work with what the walk-leaders are willing to provide.

Social Secretary’s report – Houghton Regis Memorial Hall is booked for the awards evening. A film night at the Grove suggested for 3rd March, Kew Gardens in June, a “pub” walk whereby members walk then lunch in a pub and a midweek meal at the Spice Lounge.

Outdoor Organiser’s report – Alan stated that the trip to Bath had been a success albeit that the YHA had got the booking wrong and 8 of the 12 people who went had to find alternative accommodation, the walks were excellent. There are 8 people going to Swanage and there is still a spare bed for Lulworth. Gill asked Alan to specify the alternative accommodation to the YHA where people are staying when he puts trip info on the website. There are 10 going to Castleacre in March.

Review of insurance policy – Gill sent details she obtained about Howden Liability Insurance (who currently insure The Ramblers) to Julian but further investigation is needed before a decision is made, the insurance is due for renewal in March. Alan pointed out that new members will need to know that they are covered and a general discussion followed.
Proposal by Gill regarding affiliation to the Ramblers – this does not mean joining with the Ramblers. A vote followed and there were 4 votes against and 2 for.
Review subscription to Chilterns Society – it was decided to leave it at the present amount of £30 and to look at promoting the walks and events of The Chiltern Society.

Awards Evening – the cost of the hall is £124.00 and Cliff will provide background music. There will be a choice of fish, pie or vegetarian served with chips. Rita Tomkins will be asked to present an award and given a free meal. The award presentations take around 45 minutes and members including Alan and Julian will be speaking about last year’s Scotland trip. A raffle will take place and tea/coffee will be available to purchase at £1 per cup. Members can take their own drinks into the hall.
Promotion of club – Alan has been looking at this and gave the committee members a “10 year plan task list” to take away and read in order to discuss this at the next meeting.
Mission Statement – The following mission statement was voted by the committee for the club – To provide regular walking and social activities in a friendly and supportive group.
Attendance of members at committee meetings – the wording of the website entry was discussed and it was agreed it would be reviewed and corrected.
Any other business – Gill expressed concern that finishing times for walks need to take into account the driving time to the start and back to Dunstable.

Date of next meeting – an impromptu planning meeting will be held on 6th March 2019 to choose the award recipients and prepare for the awards evening (this will not open to non-committee members) and the next formal committee meeting will be 17th April 2019 both meetings will be at the Globe, Winfield Street at 7.30pm.
Meeting closed at 10.05pm

Committee Meeting Minutes 30/10/2018

Dunstable Bogtrotters Committee Meeting 30th October 2018 held at the Bird in Hand

Present – Gill Morris, Alan Plumley, Julian Clark-Lowes, Sheila Blake and Carolyn Cooper

Apologies received from Cliff Shaw

Gill opened the meeting by welcoming everyone as the committee elected at the AGM held 23rd October 2018

Alan read out the Outdoor organiser report and a general discussion followed about forthcoming trips –

On the trip to Bath between Christmas and New Year there are 11 people booked

The hostel is booked for the trip to Dorset in April 2019, some people have chosen to book a stay in a hotel

Julian stated that he will help Alan with trips and he has obtained information concerning Symonds Yat on the Welsh border and Castleacre in Norfolk. He has also provisionally booked Court Hill  for the same weekend in 2019 as the one just attended. John Buckley has provisionally booked Claxby hostel for May 2019. Eila and Julian have liaised about a trip to Krakow and are currently looking into the cost it. There have been other suggestions from members that are also under consideration.

The signatories to sign cheques need updating as the following people were voted in at the AGM

Chairperson –    Gill Morris, Treasurer –  Julian Clark-Lowes, Secretary –  Carolyn Cooper

It was agreed that Julian Clark-Lowes, Leslie Price and Carolyn Cooper be added and Eila Goss and Lesley Grierson-Hill be removed. Regarding access to the bank account Julian will clarify who can access and how.

Changing the constitution was discussed but any changes would need to be endorsed at the next AGM, Alan proposed and Gill seconded that 2a be changed to “organise a regular programme of outdoor activities, hostelling and social events”.

At the end of the financial year the committee will evaluate the state of the club funds and recommend appropriate action at the AGM.

A need to promote the club was discussed and Gill will make enquiries regarding having a stall at the Kite Festival. Alan will also look at advertising, it was agreed that we need to do a coordinated campaign.

A mission statement is needed and committee members will research and bring suggestions to the next meeting.

Awards evening – a date and venue will be decided when opinions have been gauged from members.

The meeting closed at 9.35pm.

Next meeting is 16th January 2019, venue unknown

Agenda 9th May 2011




DATE: Monday 9th May 2011 8pm

VENUE: Fire Station, Brewers Hill Road, Dunstable

(1)        Apologies

(2)        Minutes of previous meeting

(3)        Matters arising

(4)        Chairman’s report

(5)        Treasurer’s report

(6)        Membership report

(7)        Correspondence

(8)        Social Organiser’s report

(9)        Publicity Officer’s report

(10)      Any other Business

(11)      Items for the programme

Date:   14.3.11

Ref:     DDWHG-CMA410.03/2008lows can be signed in under one signature rather than opy. n £8.33 per person per night.

Committee Meeting 14th March 2011



DATE: 14th March 2011

VENUE: Fire Station, Brewers Hill Road, Dunstable

PRESENT: Julian Clark-Lowes, Sue Jenkins, Jackie Taylor, Mike Elliott, Paul Ridgeway, Ruth

Harris-Small, Steve Goss, Joanne Robertson, Peter Jackson, Eila Goss

The meeting started at: 8.10 pm

(1)        APOLOGIES

Colin Meacham

(2)        MINUTES

Minutes of previous meeting on 24th January 2011 were approved


On the question of recording the numbers attending walks/socials etc Julian said we now have a system on the website whereby you can state the numbers and make comments – enter via dashboard, go to past programme (nb Peter tried this & fell at the 1st hurdle!)


Julian has been working on getting the new programme organised. He had come up with wording for the constitutional changes about the 3 year rule, which he will e-mail to us and we would vote

on at the next meeting and for it to go to the AGM. He also wanted to tidy up the wording that committee meetings should be every 2 months combined with planning meeting.


Colin had sent in the balance sheet and his report. Our insurance was due end of February. There was a letter from the insurers (10.3) saying that it has been extended until 21.3 and they let us know this years’ rates by then. We discussed the nature of insurance cover and our health & safety responsibilities as walk leaders.  It was agreed that leaders should carry a 1st aid kit (Boggies to provide), a Mobile phone and some water (& a hip flask ?).


Sue stated that we had 86 paid members, 46 individual and 20 couples (40 members).  If someone is a new walker get their name and e-mail addr and forward to Sue.


Sue had an e-mail from Shelah Sargee saying Peter is not well but when recovered he will

come to some socials. She told us about the Flitvale Wildlife Trust meeting on Mon 21st

March (7.45 £2) at Madden Church Hall about  the Totternhoe Quarry Wildlife Trust.


It had been decided that there would be a social event of some sort once a week.

e mentioen the Orbit quiz on 5th arch, Soe is getting togher a team




Items for the Programme:

We missed out the sponsored walk from the coming programme. Paul will do one on 12th June and will organise it as a full day’s walk in/around hills south/east of Wendover with the funds to go to the Totternhoe Quarry Wildlife Trust.

Sue said that for the social on 4th Apr they would provide simple food with £2 charge to cover costs.

Jo talked about the Murder Mystery event on 9th April.

She is arranging a visit to Crossness Pumping Station on 1st May when they’re having an open day. £5 admission.

She is organizing the London Open House event on 16-17 September and will provisionally  book 12 for Sat night at a hostel in NW London.

Ruth is to co-ordinate a picnic on 19th June (Fathers day) at Tottenrhoe Knolls.

Eila has booked Port Eynon (12 beds) in the Gower for Aug Bank Holiday.

Jo suggested Boggies issue guidelines for new leaders/organisers for walks, social etc.

The meeting closed at 9.30.

Next Committee Meeting: Monday 9th May 2011 at Fire Station Brewers Hill 8pm

Items for the Agenda to be submitted to Secretary

peterdajackson@aol.com 07732 418260

Peter Jackson, Secretary                                                                   Date: 14.3.11

Dunstable & District Walking                                                              Ref:   DDWHMins14.3.11

Hostelling Group

Agenda 14th March 2011



DATE: Monday 14th March


VENUE: Fire Station, Brewers Hill Road, Dunstable

(1)        Apologies

(2)        Minutes of previous meeting

(3)        Matters arising

(4)        Chairman’s report

(5)        Treasurer’s report

(6)        Membership report

(7)        Correspondence

(8)        Social Organiser’s report

(9)        Publicity Officer’s report

(10)      Any other Business

The 3-year rule (carried over from the AGM)

(11)      Items for the programme

Date:   24.01.11

Ref:     DDWHG-CMA410.03/2008