Dear Members

We have been testing out some local walks and want to start offering local walks whilst keeping social distancing. The walks will be of either 5-6 miles or 7-10 miles. We will be following Government Guidance regarding stopping the spread of Corvid 18

To attend a walk you will need to have accepted an invite and you will need to be able to get to the start of the walk. It is advised that you bring hand sanitiser as walks may include the need to touch gates or climb over styles. Face coverings will be needed if you want to enter a refreshment establishment as some point during a walk.

If you would like to start getting personal invitations to walks please email and let us know what length of walk you would like invites to and whether you are available weekdays and/or weekends. This will help us when allocating invitations. The number of invitations we can send out is dependant on the number of walk leaders available.

When you are sent an invitation please let us know as soon as possible whether you can come or not. If you have a place confirmed on a walk but then find you have symptoms of COVID-19 or need to socially isolate you must not put others at risk and will have to cancel your place. We will be able to repeat popular walks so no one who is safe to walk need miss out.

Happy waking and keep safe.


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