Guidance for members

Guidance for those attending Dunstable Bogtrotters events.

  • You walk with the Bogtrotters at your own risk.
  • You must ensure that you have suitable equipment, footwear and clothing, and enough food and drink for the activity being undertaken. You should carry your own first aid kit.
  • Do not leave the walk without telling the leader. Keep in front of the back marker when there is one and make sure that the walk leader or back marker knows if you temporarily leave the walk for a comfort break or other reason.
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  • Children are welcome if accompanied by an adult member of their family, who will remain responsible for them at all times.
  • We do not allow dogs on our walks except for assistance dogs.
  • Before a walk starts participants are entitled to obtain a clear and, as far as  possible, accurate description of the walk. Be aware however that not every route is walked in advance and even when a path is familiar things may have changed since we were last there. Different walk leaders have developed different styles of walk introduction. Some give a formal health and safety talk, others a more general descriptive talk and others dislike the enforced formality and give only a fairly perfunctory introduction! If you are in any doubt about the walk you are going to undertake, or your own ability to complete it, you should raise your concerns with the walk leader first.
  • On local walks or weekend trips participants may choose to share cars or take their own. Before leaving the meeting place make it clear to the walk leader if you are prepared to take passengers, if you are willing to use your car to transfer drivers when this is necessary and if you will need to leave the walk early.
  • Drivers are not able to charge a fare for helping with transport, however a voluntary donation is usually made by their passengers.
  • Some walks are planned to be accessible by public transport. However bus times and services are subject to change so walk details will sometimes vary from those set out in the programme. It is advisable to contact the walk leader to obtain up-to-date information if public transport is involved.
  • Photographs of our activities, sometimes with the names of those participating, often appear on our website. If you do not wish to be photographed and possibly appear on the web, tell the event leader and they will include this notification in their introduction.
  • When walking as a member of the public on public footpaths in England and more generally in Britain there are well established and understood laws which govern the relationship, rights and obligations of the land owner to the walker and vice versa. When walking with a Bogtrotter walk leader you remain a member of the public, as does he/she. Nothing in the relationship between you as a walker and your walk leader adds to or alters this. By walking with us you do not improve upon your existing rights that are already well established in law.
  • Guests are welcome to join us for 2 or 3 walks after which they will be expected to enrol as members. Individual membership fee is currently £10 per year (01 September to 31 August.)

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